Graduation Week at Lakeside

This week is significant at Lakeside Educational Network.  As you may know, we have four different schools for students who have had a difficult time in their mainstream school and/or home life. Many of our students have not been able to forecast that they would even graduate from high school.  Their school districts referred them to one of our schools for clinical and educational support given by our great staff members who deeply care for our students.

Honoring students who may not have expected to graduate

Some students at Lakeside never expected to graduate
Some students at Lakeside never expected to graduate

This week, three of our programs will hold graduation luncheons for students who have successfully graduated or completed their time with us. The fourth graduation luncheon will be held next Tuesday.

Our graduations are amazing events because they reflect what can happen in our communities when parents, teachers, counselors, administrators, and of course, our students, join to overcome all kinds of obstacles to create new paths to success.

We ask several of our students to share their stories.  

Each year, their stories describe the hard realities of where the students came from and the sincere and ongoing effort it took to create new opportunities for change and growth to emerge.

There are so many who contribute to their inspirational stories. Parents are always central to student’s success, but there are also special Lakeside staff members who take the time to support, mentor and motivate our students to strive for achievements beyond what they may have experienced. It is so moving to be a part of these celebratory moments and worth considering all of the individuals who contribute to the successes of our students.

We also want to credit our regional Bucks and Montgomery County school districts.

These counties have provided both financial support and genuine care to identify students who need our programs. They have worked with both students and their families to make sure the students get referred and admitted to one of our schools. We have developed a great network of educational professionals who really care about their students. These individuals have spent a great deal of time, energy and money to make sure student’s needs are met.

We feel very privileged to be in the position to assist many students with some extensive needs. 

It is a great encouragement to our staff to so many students who have struggled with some rather significant issues succeed. Moreover, it is an absolute joy to celebrate with them as they reach this goal in their lives. It is extraordinary for them to move forward to college, career and new opportunities for achieving their next life goals.

I want to congratulate our students who are graduating or completing their time at Lakeside and wish them and their families all the best as they move forward with new life adventures. I also want to thank our great staff for all the support, guidance and care they have so willingly provided to our students.

It is a great week at Lakeside as we celebrate the achievement of our mission to our students.

Gerry Vassar, President/CEO, Lakeside Educational Network

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