Graduation Celebrations for Lakeside Students: More than Affirmations

It has been another extraordinary year in the four schools that we sponsor at Lakeside Educational Network. Lakeside students have really worked through a lot of issues and overcome huge obstacles to achieve success, and, finally, high school graduation. We make it a point to spend time celebrating each student’s accomplishment in each of our programs, and in particular, those who have completed all of their academic goals and are graduating. 

Grads at Lakeside don’t give up

Lakeside Students overcome many obstacles to reach success.
Lakeside Students overcome many obstacles to reach success.

As I reflect on some of the stories from our students I am reminded of the power of supportive relationships.

Parents and teachers affirmed that the Lakeside Staff were exceptional in their capability to care for their students at a personal level. For them it is more than a job! They take it as a matter of personal mission and vision for their students. Teachers, casemanagers, behavior managers and administrators have all joined to provide a unique environment for our students to succeed. It is a place of safety, boundaries, no judgment, stable relationships and hope. Yet, it is a place of diligent work and accomplishment.

Most of our students have been told by several people in their lives that they would never graduate.  Many of them believed it for a season.  Yet, in the right environment, every teenager has the capacity to succeed.

For our seniors, it is only the beginning

I want to congratulate all the staff, parents and students of our Upper Merion Vantage Academy, our Souderton Vantage Academy, Lakeside School and the Lakeside Girls Academy for their diligent work and success in this past year.  It has been an amazing journey filled with twists and turns—and this past week, our seniors reached the graduation destination. For them now, it is only the beginning, a place to launch.

To all who have reached a graduation milestone, I congratulate you and your families on a major life accomplishment. Graduations are a sign of goals reached, achievements awarded and a future to anticipate.  It is a time of joy, reflection and celebration that I hope all families will enjoy in this graduation season.

I wish all of the graduates at Lakeside and everywhere many blessings, a bright and hope-filled future and many more significant accomplishments ahead. Enjoy these moments and always remember the important role your family, teachers and peers have played in this valuable milestone in your life. Congratulations!

Gerry Vassar, President/CEO, Lakeside Educational Network

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