Global Social Innovation Summit

At the Social Innovation Summit in New York City, global leaders discussed initiatives to promote mental wellbeing and address social tragedies worldwide.
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In my travels I often get opportunities to meet with other organizational leaders who are striving to heal some of the social tragedies that are international. Such was the case in a recent Social Innovation Summit this week in New York City hosted by The Social Innovation Summit and Lululemon. 

The Social Innovation Summit is a global social impact community that connects and inspires the world’s most potent leaders through events and activations. This summit was designed to drive collective impact as it relates to mental wellbeing. It was quite amazing to hear what organizations are doing all over the world to alleviate pain and suffering and foster emotional and relational health and hope.

I was privileged to be included in the list of invitees. It was exciting to hear the discussions, struggles and victories that are being achieved globally. I appreciate that there are corporate partners that are using some of their resources and staff to work at a national and international level to help organizations, systems and people all create a better and healthier world for those who are suffering. This is particularly vital in the aftermath of a global pandemic that has left so many with a great deal of grief, loss and suffering.

The news is replete with all that is polarizing, chaotic, and destructive. It’s encouraging to sit with hopeful, enthusiastic leaders who are on the front lines creating all kinds of programs and movements that are providing opportunities for individuals to have healthy lives. The opportunities are vast but there are thousands who are giving their lives and careers to help.

New York City was a traffic nightmare during this summit because of the meetings at the United Nations and all it creates in the city. However, just as the world is discussing so many crisis-oriented tragedies and struggles across the city, others are discussing ways to bring a new wave of impact by enthusiastic and talented individuals who are giving their professional lives to make the world a better place. What an inspiration!

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  1. Kristen

    I am encouraged by this news Gerry. Thank you for sharing the GOOD that is happening in response to so much happening for our students and families.

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