February 11 Is National 211 Day

One organization I have grown to appreciate over the past decade is the United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey.  United Way has been a significant partner with Lakeside Educational Network to bring systems change through our training within the Greater Philadelphia Area.  United Way has been a leader in helping children and families get the services they need with funding, training, advocacy and other relevant ways. Thousands of professionals who work with children have been impacted by our partnership.

Call 211 for services to meet critical needs

The United Way has established National 211 Day to help families with critical needs. (Photo courtesy of
The United Way has established National 211 Day, a number to call to help families with critical needs. (Photo courtesy of

Another way that the United Way has taken leadership is to provide the 211 call number which offers information on programs and services that meet critical needs for children and families.

Here is their summary on the upcoming National 211 Day.

Every hour of every day, someone in our region needs essential services, regardless of their income. Whether you need help during disasters like Hurricane Sandy, or in everyday situations such as finding free tax preparation sites,  2-1-1 powered by United Way helps you find important health and human services in your local community. By dialing a free, easy-to-remember phone number, 2-1-1 callers reach trained specialists who identify their needs and offer them information on thousands of programs and services that specialize in meeting critical basic needs such as food and housing; physical and mental health resources; employment supports; assistance for older adults and people with disabilities; and support for children, youth and families.

As we celebrate National 2-1-1 Awareness Day, United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey would like to say thank you for joining our 2-1-1 network to help support many individuals, families, and communities. With your support, thousands of people throughout our region are connected to the resources they need every day and in crisis situations.

To learn more, visit (link is external) in southeastern Pennsylvania or (link is external) in New Jersey. The call 211 is also available in Delaware and other parts of Pennsylvania.

We are privileged to have United Way as a partner.  The 211 number is a way that those in need can find help.  The fact that United Way would power such an effort is worthy of acknowledgement and affirmation.  Thank you, United Way, for all you do to help so many by creating new opportunities, resources and efforts like 211.

Gerry Vassar, President/CEO, Lakeside Educational Network


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