Lakeside Careers

We are looking for creative and caring people to join our team.

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Our desire for all Lakeside employees who join our staff is that they will find a safe, trauma-responsive, personally supportive and dynamic environment where their valued strengths will be utilized effectively to positively impact the lives of those we serve in our schools and programs.

— Gerry Vassar
President and CEO of Lakeside

What Is Your Why?

Peter Dillard

Program Director
Lakeside School

Patti Farraday

Program Director
Lakeside Girls Academy

Lorraine Sulik

Program Director
Souderton Vantage Academy

Our Values

We are built on the foundation of a strong, committed staff, purposed to strengthen youth and families with programs that meet a variety of needs. In order to achieve the goals of our mission, it is essential that we maintain values that encourage personal growth, support for each other, and a strong emphasis on quality relationships.

Advocate for the mission of our organization and programs.

Work together to promote loyalty and respect for all staff and clients.

Maintain healthy relationships with our clients, families, fellow staff, peers, and community.

Maintain an environment where individual and cultural differences are valued and respected.

Strive to be a role model ethically, morally, and spiritually.

Encourage high standards of excellence in job performance and personal growth.

See problems as opportunities for growth. Strive to listen, communicate, and seek to resolve problems peacefully.

Promote fulfilling and purposeful lifestyle for fellow staff by encouraging a healthy work-life balance.

Be steadfast in our mission, values, and support of each other in good times and bad.

Benefits and Perks


Full-time positions offer a full benefits package, including 403(b) retirement plan and paid time-off.

Time Off

All full-time employees receive paid vacation, personal, and sick days, and are encouraged to schedule time off for relaxation to promote good physical and mental health.

Professional Development

We provide opportunities for professional growth and development during inservice days throughout the year, as well as partial tuition reimbursement for college courses.


We provide the technology and tools you need to be successful at your job, including a laptop and subscription to Office 365.

Employee Recognition

Recognition and gift for every 5-year anniversary at our end-of-year staff celebration.

Health & Wellness

Facility use is allowed by employees and their families when available.