Digital Regulation Tools for Students

Four teen girls sitting outside using their phones.

It is predictable that there has been an emergence of digital tools for regulation for those who are struggling with varied mental health struggles. Finding ways to regulate our brains, reduce our heart rate, calm our anxieties and find some inner peace can be a real help for some of the angst we’re experiencing in our society. For students, we recognize their anxiety and mental health distress has increased substantially since COVID-19 and the recovery process seems to be elusive.

Since schools tend to be the place where many of those needs surface and are identified, school staff feel the effects of the mental health deficits of their students on a daily basis. With the diminishing available mental health services for students, it leaves school staff in a dilemma as to what to do to meet their needs.

Since our culture is all about the internet and social media, there’s hope that some of the digital tools for regulation may help students who are struggling to regulate their brains and emotions. However, their usual places to go on the internet are typically not to regulation sites.

We have found at Lakeside that students need guidance from a caring adult to learn how to use sensory tools to help them regulate. In addition to that essential connection, we know that it takes time, a process, a trusting relationship, and practice. It’s not a quick fix, but a process of growth that helps students realize they can use regulation tools to help them cope with some of the stressors in their lives.

Recently, I had this discussion with some of my associates that turned into an article in eSchool News, a national publication focused on providing beneficial information to schools.

Digital tools for regulation are available and helpful. With the right guidance, they can be used to help students cope with their life stress and reduce their anxiety, which will allow them to cope with life issues and perform effectively in school.

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