Diane Wagenhals As A New Blogger For Lakeside

One of the great privileges I have had is to work alongside Diane Wagenhals, the Program Director of Lakeside’s Institute for Professional Education and Development (IPED).  Diane is a Master Trainer, Supervisor, and Researcher, and develops all of our curricula. (She is also a mother and grandmother.)  She has written over 22 professional development courses and has authored numerous parenting curricula.  Diane is a caring professional who has impacted thousands of professionals and parents with her writing and training materials.

Diane will be writing regularly on parenting

Diane Wagenhals, Program Director, Master Trainer, Curricula Writer, Researcher and Grandmother
Diane Wagenhals, Program Director, Master Trainer, Curricula Writer, Researcher, Mother and Grandmother

I am thrilled to announce that Diane will be writing regular posts designed specifically for parents on the Lakeside Connect Blog.  She has exhaustive knowledge and experience in parenting education and loves to help parents become clear and confident in their parenting skills. Evidenced by many posts in the Lakeside Connect archives, I have used much of her material in my own blogging, as she is a great resource for our readers.

Diane’s first post will be Wednesday (tomorrow)

You will find Diane’s background information on Lakeside Connect at the conclusion of her first post this Wednesday (tomorrow).

It is our hope she will have a new post each week to build knowledge, skills and insights toward parents’ becoming inspired and informed. I do not know anyone in the country other than Diane whom I would rather have posting on the Lakeside Connect site.

Diane has a wealth of information to share

I hope that all of our readers will enjoy Diane’s posts.  She has a wealth of information to share, and we are privileged not only to have her on our staff but also writing for Lakeside Connect. Please feel free to respond to her posts and give us feedback on what topics or issues you would like Diane to address.

We are so glad when you benefit from reading Lakeside Connect. 

We hope this new blog will benefit many and will be something you will refer to others that you know, especially parents and caregivers of children.

We are dedicated to helping parents provide healthy emotional and relational environments for their children.  It is the most valuable job in our society.

Gerry Vassar, President/CEO, Lakeside Educational Network

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