Daun Kauffman: A Trauma-Trained Teacher Shares His Views

Lakeside has been privileged to be the Professional Development Training Institute for the Philadelphia School District. One of our areas of training concerns trauma and its impact on children. Urban school districts, like Philadelphia, have high incidences of trauma, and the staff is forced to deal with all of those consequences each day in their schools and classrooms.

A compelling letter from seasoned teacher Daun Kauffman

The experience of a girl in the system.
Letter from trauma-trained and tenured urban teacher Daun Kauffman addresses trauma’s impact on children.

Once staff members develop a lens for trauma-impacted children, they begin to see their lives, behaviors and academic progress very differently. One individual, a seasoned teacher in the Philadelphia School District who has been trained by Lakeside, has just written a most compelling letter that I believe should be reposted.

Here it the link.

Mr. Kauffman’s article is well written and reflects the urgency teachers and schools are facing in the Philadelphia School District.  I really do hope this information can reach those who are in the position to make positive decisions to help equip our teachers, schools, administrators and other staff to deal with the significant levels of trauma in our urban school districts.

Thank you, Daun, for writing such a compelling letter.

Gerry Vassar, President/CEO, Lakeside Educational Network

(Note: Ms. Kauffman links to some important reports and research in her letter that we have included in past posts, such as the ACE Study.)

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