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As you may know from several of my posts, Lakeside is a trauma resource organization that has a complete array of trauma-responsive training opportunities for professionals, schools, and organizations. Lakeside manages the CREATING PRESENCE organizational trauma-responsive certification training and coaching program authored by Dr. Sandra Bloom and Sarah Yanosy.

Recently we were able to feature this program on a Lakeside sponsored radio and podcast show on VOICEAMERICA. This is a 13-show series that features Dr. Bloom and Ms. Yanosy describing the values and essence of the Creating PRESENCE model. It will be broadcast on most of the popular podcast platforms all over the world.

As a trauma resource organization, Lakeside is using this series as an opportunity to inform individuals within organizations to understand the essential values of how to help them become a healthy biocracy. A biocracy is a place where organizations recognize the connections of humanity in the interactions that make organizations safe and healthy in their relationships, particularly if an organization is dealing with individuals who have experienced trauma, whether staff or clients. This is a term rarely used for organizations since most organizations are managed more from a mechanistic perspective rather than being considered a human organism. It is insightful to realize that we need to apply principles and values of human care since organizations are composed of human staff.

This series is presented live every Wednesday at noon, EST on the VOICEAMERICA website. Each show will continue to exist as an on-demand show continuously and can be listened to at any time. Each show will also feature trauma experts from all over the world that will help illustrate the impact of the values of the PRESENCE in their own work in specific systems of care.

If you’re interested in listening to this valuable series and understanding the depth of the Creating PRESENCE model, you can tune in by going to the VOICEAMERICA website.

Lakeside is very excited to sponsor this global event. I hope you will take the opportunity to join us for this important series.

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