Our Commitment to Be a Trauma Resource Organization

Lakeside commits to being a resource for trauma-responsive care in 2024, impacting schools, professionals, and organizations for widespread healing.
Brain as iceberg with trouble below surface and in deep water

As we enter the new year, many of us are making resolutions, commitments, and change. I appreciate the new energy and hopefulness that we share with each other as we anticipate these next steps of growth and future hope. As I have written previously, there’s a significant amount of trauma in our country and in our world that needs a great deal of support.

One of the commitments we’re making at Lakeside is to continue in our growth and development to be a resource organization for trauma responsive care. I shared the mission and impact of Lakeside to someone I had a recent meeting with, and was reminded of the extensiveness of our impact to those youth and families who have experienced adversity and trauma.

Our four schools are using brain-based and neurological interventions to help students succeed in school. Our in-school counselors are working in over 35 school districts with thousands of students. Our Mobile Support Program identifies students who are in the gaps and need support and are working with students who are vulnerable of dropping out of the system. In all, Lakeside is providing services to over 8,000 students in our region who have dealt with adversity and who are overcoming obstacles to better enable them to have hope and healing.

Our trauma training programs are all providing training to professionals, organizations and schools who work with children and adults who have experienced varied forms of trauma. We offer a school-specific program, Neurologic by Lakeside, that offers training, support, coaching, and tools for students, teachers, and school administrators that is live, online and virtual.

Through Lakeside Global Institute we offer a workshop series, including basic trauma training for mental health professionals, healthcare professionals, first responders, and others who deal with individuals who have been impacted by trauma. We offer trauma skills training, secondary trauma workshops, and trauma workshops on grief, cultural sensitivity, racism, youth, parents and caregivers, cultural sensitivity, racism, and social media. All of these workshops are well-researched, concise, and assist individuals in understanding the varied ways these issues can be traumatizing and what interventions can be helpful.

Further, we have trauma sensitive and trauma competent intensive certification courses that provide extensive training to professionals who deal with individuals impacted by various forms of trauma. We also train trainers in how they can use our workshop curriculum to become Lakeside certified trauma trainers. 

Additionally, we have custom-designed training for situations that are unique. We also manage Creating PRESENCE which is an organizational trauma certification program so organizations can change their culture to be trauma-informed, responsive, and resilient. We are producing videos on trauma-informed care. We are now developing a new early childhood center certification in trauma-informed care. The list goes on and on with more to come!

Our 2024 resolution is to continue to be present, emergent, growing, and developing in our capacity to help children, youth, adults, professionals, schools, and organizations to become trauma sensitive, informed, and responsive.

We desire for our country to acquire a new lens for trauma. We’ll expand our training to professionals so they can develop approaches that will help those in their care to regulate, be listened to, and then be capable to process through the trauma and adversity they’re facing. We’re humbled and proud to anticipate this kind of impact in the lives of thousands of individuals all through our country and world. Our 2024 commitment is to become that trauma resource organization that continues to expand to the needs for healing and hope in our world!

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