Coming Soon: Lakeside Global Institute Online Workshops

person writing in notebook at desk
person writing in notebook at desk

Lakeside Global Institute has been a leader in trauma education for 12+ years. We have had the opportunity to provide therapeutic education to thousands of professionals who are working with trauma-impacted individuals throughout the state of Pennsylvania and beyond.

We offer a full trauma-competent certification for professionals which involves three intensive courses. In addition to our intensive courses, we have been designing and providing shorter workshops to introduce individuals to trauma and trauma related topics. These workshops have also been offered live to thousands of professionals. As we have offered these helpful and informative workshops, there have been requests to develop more relevant and succinct trainings to some of the most prominent issues that we currently face in our society.

Workshops like the Basics of Trauma, Secondary Trauma, the Skills of Trauma, Post-COVID Trauma, The Trauma of Racism, Trauma and Cultural Sensitivity, Trauma For Medical Workers Post-COVID and more have been presented live and via zoom. The feedback from thousands of participants has been extremely positive and so helpful for them to understand the impact of trauma neurologically, emotionally and relationally.

A new development at Lakeside Global Institute is that all of our workshops are now being prepared for online asynchronous viewing. That means anyone will be able to go to our online portal, swipe their credit card, and immediately have access to our workshops. We hope this will allow our seasoned information to be available to a broader audience at any time that is best for the user.

We will continue to offer our live workshops to groups, but this new development will allow anyone to learn information about trauma and its impact in ways that are convenient to you.  All you will need is a cell phone, laptop, or tablet and WIFI availability.  

I will keep you informed as to when these workshops will be available and how you can access them. We trust this will make a huge difference in how our training can be accessed and utilized by those who want to know more about the impact of trauma to us all.

Gerry Vassar


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