Celebrating our Workforce this Labor Day

Happy Labor Day. Usa federation holiday. United States of America national flag

Labor Day is a day that we celebrate working citizens in our country. The hallmark of our economy is a vibrant and productive workforce that produces goods and services that we all can enjoy. Personally, I can take for granted some of the essential functions that people perform every day that enhances my quality of life.

This year I think we all can appreciate the amazing job so many individuals have done during this past year of COVID-19. There were so many essential workers who took great risks and had to be exposed to individuals who had COVID; our hospital staff, emergency rescue workers, police officers, teachers, social workers, maintenance staff, nursing home staff, postal workers, grocery store workers, manufacturers, pharmaceutical staff and the list goes on and on.

We have categorized many workers as essential to help us survive the pandemic. However, to be quite honest, anyone who has been working throughout this year has greatly contributed to our ability to thrive and have some normalcy of life. Some may have felt more essential than others due to crisis situations, but I think we need to celebrate all those who have contributed to our society in this past difficult year.

To those who were laid-off and furloughed, they too have the opportunity to come back into the workforce with new jobs and purpose. It is my hope that we can cautiously find positive opportunities for individuals who have been unemployed to emerge with new careers and meaningful work.

As we continue to fight this pandemic and reopen our workforce it is my hope that we will all be able to contribute to our families, our fellow citizens and our country. I look forward to finding more normalcy in this year to come.

In closing, I want to thank all the contributors to our world of work in America. Our labor has been strategic this past year and as we move forward it is my hope that we will emerge as a dynamic country with high productivity and more ability to care for our families and our communities. Happy Labor Day!

Gerry Vassar


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