Happy New Year – 2024

As the year ends, reflecting on both joys and challenges, there's a call to action for creating safer, healthier environments for children globally. Happy New Year!

Happy Holidays 2023!

From the Lakeside family to all our readers, we thank you for reading these blog posts. May your holidays be filled with the gifts of warm moments and cherished memories, and the things that are most important to you.

Happy Thanksgiving 2023

Thanksgiving brings joy and reflection, celebrating connections and traditions. Amidst global challenges, it's a time to cherish relationships, memories, and blessings.

Celebrating Fathers in 2023

I was out walking my dog on Father’s Day and someone I did not know stopped her car, leaned out the window, and wished me Happy Father’s Day. It struck me how important celebrating Father’s Day is to many individuals.  I was thinking about the impact of a father, particularly...

A Proclamation for Peace, Memorial Day, 2023

The Memorial Day holiday is a wonderful time to be with family and enjoy family traditions. The holiday is purposed to remember those who have lost their lives in service to our country. I think it is appropriate to read the declaration recently written by our President as a prayer...

Celebrating Moms in 2023

We have just celebrated Mother’s Day. Although it's quite a holiday for the greeting card and restaurant industries, I think it's appropriate to take some valuable time to celebrate who are moms are to us. It's an all-encompassing job. I thought about all the roles our moms, grandmoms, and mom-like...

How do we Honor the Presidents on This Special Day?

I find that the national holiday of President’s Day is something that has not been well-defined.  Originally it was a celebration of George Washington’s birthday. Then it was deemed appropriate that we combine George Washington’s birthday and Abraham Lincoln’s birthday. Added to that was a day to renew a commitment...