The Magic of Lakeside Graduations

Lakeside’s schools and academies conclude the school year with 4 different graduations. Lakeside's Girls Academy, Upper Merion Vantage Academy, Souderton Vantage Academy, and Lakeside School all have their own graduation and awards ceremonies. Each program has its distinctive ceremony that is contextual to the students within their specific programs. For most...

Appreciating the Emotions of Graduation

As we enter the season for graduations, most of us are enjoying the celebrations of a significant mission accomplished in the lives of our kids who have arrived at a pivotal time in their lives. We love the stories of their achievements. We enjoy their graduation ceremonies. We bring together...

Has Student Attendance Gotten Worse After COVID?

High student absenteeism, nearly 30%, affects socialization, grades, test scores, activities, graduation rates, and mental health. Post-pandemic recovery requires sustained efforts, as absenteeism risks lifelong impacts. Lakeside Programs focus on truancy, stressing attendance for academic and personal success.