An Innovative Education Model for Urban Students

News stories about struggle, violence, academic underachievement and general chaos of many urban schools glare at us all too frequently.  Some feel hopeless that it can change. They feel our urban students are going to continue to struggle with their education and in their lives.

Sometimes it takes extreme measures to deal with extreme circumstances

I always admire risk-takers who are willing to utilize available resources for the benefit of their students, particularly in extremely difficult environments. Such is the case in this article by Erin Einhorn who is reporting on the Monument Academy in Washington. It is a boarding school for trauma-impacted students that employs trauma-informed strategies sensitized to the needs of their students. Though this approach is expensive, it is an example of what can happen when children are given the chance to create new pathways to learning and growth.  Here is the link:

Emerging education models

I am always curious (and so pleased) to see how many trauma-informed and educationally based models are emerging.  The Monument Academy is one that I am sure will be researched and possibly replicated in other parts of the country.  I appreciate so much the effort to help our children in urban settings to succeed.

Gerry Vassar, President/CEO, Lakeside Educational Network

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