Lakeside exists to empower youth and families to overcome difficulties and achieve success through quality educational and treatment services.

Our programs and training reflect our consistent philosophy and trauma-responsive care for those impacted by various forms of trauma and adversity.

As we enter a post-COVID world, Lakeside has demonstrated an adaptability congruent with our mission and values allowing us to continue to be a resource to those who can benefit from our programs and comprehensive training.

For struggling students, success is often an elusive dream and failure a painful reality.

Lakeside’s brain-based, trauma-informed approach to serving young people alters that reality. When students perceive themselves as failures, they can react by withdrawing or acting out.

Lakeside offers another option, one that leads to success today and in the future.

Our therapeutic schools and services identify and address not only behaviors, but also the real reasons students struggle and fail.

Lakeside students learn successfully to take on the challenges they face.

Our students realize hope and the possibility of altering and redefining the rest of their lives.

We don’t ask, “What’s wrong with you?”

The question is more often, “What happened to you?”

Based on over 40 years of experience supporting thousands of students in our therapeutic schools and services, Lakeside also trains professionals across the country and around the world in the brain-based, trauma-informed approach we use.

This unique training not only focuses on trauma’s impact on the brain but also provides practical interventions and strategies that can help bring growth and healing to impacted areas of the brain.