A Story of Courage: Anthony Trzeciak

This post was inspired by the story of Anthony Trzeciak, a young man who, due to his service in the United States Marine Corp, has undergone quite an ordeal. Unfortunately, his is a story quite common in our country—needing help to address his lifestyle due to injury in the war. Courage has led him to fight a different fight.

Returning home to fight yet another battle

Veteran fights for a wheel chair
Anthony Trzeciak, injured Afghanistan war veteran, seeks a wheel chair.

Anthony Trzeciak is attempting in every way possible to assume responsibility for his injuries caused by the war in Afghanistan. He simply wants to make his home handicap accessible.

This is an amazing individual who truly deserves all the help he can get. Here is his story, reprinted from the Lansdale, PA newspaper, The Patch.

A Marine Corps veteran who was left paralyzed from injuries while serving in Afghanistan is seeking public support after he says he has been abandoned by the VA.

Anthony Trzeciak, a Montgomery County, Pa. native who served in the Marines from 2008-2012, was once told by doctors he would never walk again after he was injured in an IED blast.

Trzeciak said he not only injured his back and head in the blast, but also contracted a near-deadly infection from a virus that he got during his service. “When I was struck by the blast, I had injured my back and while doing patrols in swampy waters during deployment, the infection got into my blood stream,” he wrote.

“After many months of hard therapy, I started to get feeling back and some movement. I was discharged and sent home,” said Trzeciak, a 2008 Hatboro-Horsham High School graduate.

But his battle continues.

He said he works on leg strength everyday but sadly there is no spinal cord facility nearby and the V.A. expects me to drive 5 hours to receive any help.”

Even obtaining a working wheelchair has been a problem. I have not had any luck with Veterans Affairs helping me getting a new one that would help me get around to do my normal activities,” he said.

He also said the VA is refusing to pay many medical bills.

Three days ago, Trzeciak resorted to setting up an GoFundMe page for support.

Trzeciak tells supporters on the online funding page that the money he raises will be used to buy a wheelchair, a shower chair, a toilet chair and necessary exercise equipment.

Trzeciak, who has a wife and son, said he had to foreclose on his home and is now in a rental home that is not handicapped accessible.

“Taking showers and using a bathroom like everyone else does with such ease, takes a lot more time and effort for me to accomplish,” he wrote.

In the future, he said he hopes to make his home handicap accessible.

“Thank you to anyone who can help us. Please share my story. Get it out there. Catch the attention of the public and show them that my war isn’t over. Hopefully one day I can live a more normal life, with the freedom that everyone else has,” Trzeciak wrote.

Please feel free to go onto his on-line funding page and see a bit more about Anthony Trzeciak.  He is a great inspiration and one of our valued veterans.

Gerry Vassar, President/CEO, Lakeside Educational Network

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