A Plea from a Mom

Our televisions have been filled with the saga at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  Indeed the aftermath has been tragic to envision.  We also have seen two other public shootingsCertainly it is relevant to discuss our gun laws, but quite honestly, most of these individuals who have killed in public shootings have had indicators of some significant problems.  I could state all kinds of statistics and reference psychological profiles, but to be truthful, I cannot express it better than this Mom did in talking about her son. I believe she states the right case and points us where our discussions must go if we are going to deal with the problem at its core.

A mom states her case

Michael’ has a mental illness. (Photo courtesy of

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I think as a country, it would be a great New Year’s resolution to give serious consideration to hear from Moms like this who have children and teenagers who are intensely struggling.  These cases are all too prevalent in our schools and communities. 

Further, I think the national dialogue  has to face the reality that some kids are mentally ill or heading that way very quickly. They need help, as do their parents, and ignoring this issue (and lack of pursuing the needed processes) will result in more tragedies like those that have seemed to increase in frequency in the past few years.  

Gerry Vassar, President/CEO, Lakeside Educational Network

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