A Million Chances:  Parenting Lessons Learned and Shared

A number of years ago, Lakeside had the privilege of launching regional parenting centers.  The Center for Parenting Education, lead by Director Audrey Krisbergh, and Assistant Director Deb Cohen, has been operating very successfully for 18 years.  We are so proud of all the great work done by The Center. They have served thousands of parents with a variety of wonderful programs. But beyond programs, they have nurtured and supported the parents they served. Most recently, they have produced on-line programs, available through their web site, to further serve parents.

The Center for Parenting Education

ManyThe Center for Parenting Education, Abington, PA parents benefited from one of their most popular venues called the News and Views. These were well-written articles regarding some of the most asked-about parenting issues published by the parenting educators who volunteered in the Center.

Most recently, The Center for Parenting Education published a book of compilations of their News and Views articles entitled A Million Chances:  Parenting Lessons Learned and Shared.  I think this publication can be a huge help to parents—sort of a one-a-day kind of reading that will keep parents informed and thinking about the many issues they face while raising their children.

Here is the link to A Million Changes if you wish to purchase it:

This compilation is the result of much effort and joy for The Center. I am so pleased they took the time to publish their book and made it available to parents all over the country.

I urge parents to go to the link and consider purchasing the book. 

The book is filled with helpful principles for emotionally healthy parenting.  It is an easy read that any parent will benefit from. I congratulate The Center for Parenting Education for all they have achieved and am personally very excited for this publication designed to help our parents in a very practical way.

Gerry Vassar, President/CEO, Lakeside Educational Network

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