A Compelling Trauma Recovery Story

We often talk about trauma and how it impacts the brain of the traumatized individual.   In dealing with traumatized children and adults, the task of teaching them how to be resilient, stable and productive in life seems overwhelming. Through no fault of their own, traumatic events have damaged them, and since they have to deal with abundant triggers regarding this trauma, they often struggle to be able to live in a normal world.

Light at the end of the trauma tunnel for Valerie

Valerie Le Grande: A trauma recovery story
Valerie Le Grande: A trauma recovery story (photo courtesy of

I thought I would refer to a positive recovery from trauma story of Valerie Le Grande. She is recovering both from trauma and addictions and is moving towards productive objectives through education and other supports.

I have so much respect for these types of stories.

Great job Valerie, and I wish you the best that life can offer as you have overcome so many obstacles.

For those of us who have trauma-impacted people in our lives, there can be life after trauma. Healing, recovery and success is possible.   Valerie is living proof.

Gerry Vassar, President/CEO, Lakeside Educational Network


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