A Call to Leadership

In America today we are facing unprecedented crises in government, business and non-profit sectors. Aside from the “people” issues, leaders must meet economic crunches, changes in technology, global competition and the need for creativity and innovation. Due to these demands, organizations with power-driven and hierarchical leadership styles will most likely struggle to be successful. Why is resonant leadership so important?

Shared leadership, a synergy for success

Shared leadership
Resonant leaders create a synergy toward success.

There will be a need for shared leadership to synergize and maximize opportunities for growth and success. The synergy will grow capacity and capitalize on the strengths of each leader to resolve diverse multi-dimensional challenges as they arise.

For so long we have believed that productivity comes from a style of pace-setting top-down leadership. However, current research on leadership shows leaders who create emotionally and relationally safe environments in which employees are encouraged to use strength-based skills continue to prove the most productive. These leaders will receive feedback, create resonant environments, model mindfulness and hopefulness in their perspective. They can also demonstrate compassion.

Resonant leadership makes a difference.

When leaders ascribe to the resonant leadership fundamentals, employees show more ownership, participation, commitment and dedication to the objectives of the organization.

It just makes sense that leaders who create environments where people feel like they are valued and cared for will be best able to create successful internal growth and impact their community.

Resonant leadership skills can be learned, developed and honed.

If we are going to navigate the challenges within our country today, leaders who care deeply for those they lead as well as for the mission of their organizations will be required. We need to be mentoring leaders who can lead with the concepts and skills that I have been posting from the emotional intelligence research.

I believe that in any crisis, significant opportunities to grow, emerge and promote healthier environments are present. These opportunities can tremendously shape our culture.  Leaders, here is the call to step forward with courage and resonance. Let us move our organizations and our country to new horizons.

Gerry Vassar, President/CEO, Lakeside Educational Network

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