A Better Outlook for Graduates and Jobs in 2013?

The Associated Press recently released that about one-half of recent graduates are either unemployed or underemployed, tragic news for students who have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars for a college education. Some are finding no jobs in their fields, or pay scales far below expectations. Since many students have student loans that need to be paid back, this information is of great concern.

No gray skies for graduates?

job outlook for 2013 grads
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This week, according to the Huffington Post and the global outplacement firm Challenger, Gray and Christmas, there will be a significant increase in entry level positions available to college graduates this year, particularly in the fields of finance, engineering and computer science.

Further, 50,000 jobs are anticipated to become available over the next two years,  which represents about a 20% growth rate in new jobs. This brings hope that we will soon see improvement in what has been a devastating set of circumstances for our young work force.

Predicted openings

Top jobs expected to become available are financial analysts, cost estimators, human resources, training and labor specialists, computer systems analysts, information security analysts, web developers, computer network architects, marketing research specialists and analysts, management analysts, and social workers for children and family.

For those graduates who are beginning or still earning their education, strengths in these fields will prove promising toward finding a position, as we finally trend an upturn from what has been a horrible job market. It is a brighter picture, though we have yet to surpass the former numbers of available jobs in the marketplace.

A different field of study?

For those who are not in the more hiring-predicted fields listed above, it will remain a challenge to get a job. These graduates will need to  rely on innovation, networking and diligence to find viable employment that pays a salary to support even a financially-conservative lifestyle. Presently, many college graduates are working in positions that are different than their training. This can be tremendously frustrating, especially if those jobs have also been low-paying.

With so much unemployment and so many challenges for employers, the job outlook for the college graduate can be extremely challenging.

Job creation is a huge issue in America today, and certainly is a topic of significant political and economic debate. As we continue to push through economic hard times, it is my hope that trends continue to rise in entry level positions.

I hope that our legislators and employers can provide more opportunities for college graduates. They need hope and assurances of careers on which to build their future, and continue as the backbone of our economic success and prosperity.

Gerry Vassar, President/CEO, Lakeside Educational Network

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