6 Tips for Brain-Based Learning from Edutopia

Just as he is one of the most creative filmmakers of our day, George Lucas is also attempting to be innovative in the field of learning. He has established The George Lucas Foundation and regularly features innovative and evidence-based learning models that will change the way education impacts our students. A recent blog article by Suzie Boss on Edutopia, Lucas’s foundation website, summarizes how brain-based learning could make a huge difference in the way students could learn.

George Lucas Photo and Edutopia
Edutopia, the George Lucas Foundation promotes Brain-Based Learning. (photo courtesy of

The George Lucas Foundation encourages  brain-based learning

Suzie Boss is the co-author of Reinventing Project-Based Learning and a blogger for Edutopia.

In the article referenced, she lists 6 tips for creating Brain-Based Learning (and then explains each). Her tips are listed below and you can click on the source link for more information.

  • Create a Safe Climate for Learning
  • Encourage a Growth Mind-set
  • Emphasize Feedback
  • Get Bodies and Brains in Gear
  • Start Early
  • Embrace the Power of Novelty

This list can become a guideline for every public school, teacher, administrator and classroom. 

Suzie Boss, blogger and journalist for PBL. (photo courtesy of
Suzie Boss, blogger and journalist for PBL. (photo courtesy of

I encourage you to read the article to fully comprehend that we are all embarking on a new day in education and learning. This is just the beginning, and innovators like George Lucas, are working to make these types of ideas become a practice in the learning environments of our students.

As we consider these ideas and new challenges for education in today’s world, I am encouraged by the opportunities that they will present to educators. I hope we will embrace a new day in learning to pave the way for our future and the future of our children.

Gerry Vassar, President/CEO, Lakeside Educational Network


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